how to raise your hand while zooming

Here's how to raise your hand while zoomingWhile video conferencing apps have definitely brought people together and helped mimic working conditions, they lack the personal interactions that result from physical encounters, such as being at work. For example, how to get the host’s attention when you’re talking to 50 other people.
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What is hand up when zooming
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Zoom provides an interesting way of allowing users to interact with the host meeting by providing non-verbal feedback. Using one of these feedback options, participants in a meeting can raise their hands and warn values ​​at the same time. This allows you to request to raise or share your concerns during a meeting if they have been suppressed by the host.
At this point in time, only Microsoft Teams other than Zoom allowed users to use the “raise hands” feature during meetings. It is expected that Google will introduce a hand-raising feature for its Meet users in a future release, which participants can speak to when they raise their hands.
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How to raise your hand on Windows PC and Mac
If you happen to be attending a Zoom meeting from your Windows PC or Macbook, follow this guide to learn how to give hosts non-verbal feedback by raising your hand.
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Step 1: Start Zoom and join a meeting (not hosted) as a participant.
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Step 2: In the meeting controls at the bottom of the screen, click the “Attendees” button. This offers several options to choose from for providing non-verbal feedback.
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Step 3: From the Attendee Control Panel on the right side of the screen, select the Raise Hand option.
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There is a shortcut! Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to raise your hand on Windows and Mac. Press the Alt + Y keys on either system to toggle the Raise Hand option on or off.
The Raise Hand button only appears if you are not hosting the meeting. If you’ve previously left a meeting and the current host hasn’t assigned you as a host, you can access the raise button in your Attendee window.
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Note : Only one type of non-verbal feedback can be active at a time with Zoom.
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How to raise your hand on Android and iPhone

If you’re using the mobile version of the Zoom app, follow this guide to learn how to give hosts non-verbal feedback by raising your hand.

Step 1: Launch the Zoom app and join a meeting as a participant rather than a host.

Step 2: To raise your hand to speak, press the “More” button in the meeting controls at the bottom right of the screen, then select “Raise Hand” from the pop-up menu.
The meeting host will now receive a message that you lift regardless of which device is using Zoom.
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How to raise your hand during a phone call
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With Zoom, users can schedule appointments directly from a phone without using an application. In such cases, the participant must dial * 9 on the telephone keypad if the participant wants to raise their hand on the phone during a meeting.

To lower their hand, the subscriber must dial * 9 again on the telephone keypad.

Where is the raise hand symbol?
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When a participant has raised their hand in a meeting, a small hand icon appears next to their name. Zoom lists the participants in the order in which they raise their hands.

If you check your computer, you can tell if a participant is raising their hand by clicking the Participants tab at the bottom of the screen. This shows a list of the participants who are currently on the phone. In this list you can see all participants who have raised their hands.

When you’re checking to see if someone or you raised your hand on your phone (Android or iOS) during a meeting, tap the Attendees tab at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, look for a blue hand icon next to the participant’s name in this list. When such an icon appears, it means that the user has raised their hand to speak.

Missing the option to raise your hand?

There can be two reasons why a user may not be able to see the height of the hand icon.

In full screen mode, Zoom minimizes the bottom toolbar for an immersive experience. If you don’t see the bottom toolbar during a meeting, here’s what you can do:

On mobile devices, just tap the screen for your Zoom meeting. The toolbar is displayed. You can now select the “Participants” tab and select “Raise your hand”. On the PC, just move the mouse around the Zoom Meeting screen to display the toolbar. You can now click on the Participants tab, then click on Raise Hand.

If the host has turned off non-verbal feedback for the meeting, attendees will not see an opportunity to “raise their hands” or any other feedback. Ask the meeting host to enable non-verbal feedback under their zoom settings on the web to enable the raise hand feature.

How to enable non-verbal feedback in a meeting

With Zoom, participants can express themselves using non-verbal feedback functions without audio or video. Nonverbal feedback is available in the form of buttons in the participant window. One of them is the “raise hand” function. Therefore, it is important that you (as the host) enable non-verbal feedback so that attendees can raise their hands during the meeting.

Note : Only hosts can turn non-verbal feedback on or off in a meeting.

To enable non-verbal feedback in a meeting, do the following:

Step 1: Visit and log in with your username and password.

Step 2: Click on the “My Account” tab in the top right corner and select “Settings” (under the “Personal” tab).

Step 3: On the “Meeting” tab, scroll down to “Nonverbal Feedback”. Toggle the power button to enable or disable attendees for non-verbal feedback.

So lower your hand to zoom

Follow these steps to lower a hand in a Zoom meeting, whether you’re a host recognizing an attendee or an attendee who accidentally raised their hand (hey, it happens).

How to lower a participant’s hand

If you are hosting the meeting and want to lower the hand of someone who has used the Raised Hand feature, you can do so by clicking the Attendee button at the bottom of the meeting controls.

When the Participant window appears on the right side of the screen, hover your mouse over the participant’s name, which has a blue hand icon next to it. When you hover over the participant’s name, the “Underhand” option appears. Click on it to lower your raised hand.

When using Zoom on a phone, you can lower a participant’s raised hand by tapping the Participants tab on the meeting screen, tapping the user’s name, and then selecting Lower Hand from the pop-up menu.

How you put your hand down yourself

If you used the Raise Hand feature to speak during a meeting but now want to undo it, you can use the Lower Hand button that appears instead of the Raise Hand button.

To lower your hand in a Zoom meeting on PC, click the Participants panel in the Meeting Controls section at the bottom of the screen.

This will open the participant window on the right. To undo the Raise Hand action, click the Lower Hand button at the bottom of the screen.

There is a shortcut! Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to lower your hand on Windows and Mac. Press the Alt + Y keys on either system to toggle the lower hand option on or off.

If you’re using Zoom on your phone (Android or iOS), you can lower your hand by pressing the More button in the lower right of the meeting controls and then selecting the “Lower Hand” option.

This is how you can find all participants who have increased the practical zoom

The easiest way to see all of the attendees who joined the meeting is to click the raised hand icon that you see on the meeting screen.

Alternatively, you can simply check the Participants menu to find the raised hand icon next to the participants who raised their hands.

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We hope this guide has helped you understand how to “raise your hand” across different platforms. Have you tried already How did it go? Let us know in the comments below.


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